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Our highly integrated and advanced X-ray systems

Turn-key Solution

Designed to provide exceptional image quality while minimizing the radiation exposure, our systems empower industrial sectors and other professionals to make accurate measurements with confidence.

X-ray as a Service

Offering X-ray as a Service allows customers to avoid the upfront costs associated with purchasing and maintaining X-ray equipment, and allow you to scale your services based on actual needs.

Software Development

Elevate your capabilities with our cutting-edge X-ray software solutions. We are at the forefront of innovation in radiology, crafting software that transforms the way industrial experts visualize and analyze X-ray images

Trusted by leading industrial companies

Seleted customers

You will experience a turbocharged production rate and fortified product quality management through instant access to our X-ray as a Service.

Irmler Racing
Scientific Drilling

See the unseen

Typical XaaS specs

Below, we present a glimpse of our pivotal technology parameters that underscore our commitment to excellence. However, these figures are just the beginning – our flexibility shines as we stand ready to tailor the system intricately, ensuring a seamless alignment with your specific targeted requirements.

Your vision, our innovation – an unparalleled partnership in technology.

Pixel size (um )

X-ray Energy (keV)

Samping speed (FPS)

Max object size (m)

Our game-changing X-ray as a Service

Why choose us

Die Flow Capture Germany GmbH bietet als Dienstleistung die zerstörungsfreie Materialprüfung mit XRAY ONLINE an.

Exceptional expertise with 20+ years experience

Unsere Expertise erstreckt sich über eine Vielzahl von Prüfungen unabhängig davon, ob es sich um geringe Stückzahlen oder eine Großserie handelt.

State-of-the-art technology

Unsere Röntgenmaschinen repräsentieren qualitativ das technische Maximum.

Versatile X-ray as a Service (XaaS) offerings

Broad offerings and multiple ways to fit your operational needs for large quantities, small or large objects, and our in-house services or on-site system integrations.

Strong software development skills

Wir sind Softwareentwickler und Maschinenhersteller und Dienstleister.

High economic impact on customer's operations

High efficiency workflows and seamless integration to the operations of customers

Dedicated solution to secure customer's interest

Unser Ziel ist es, dass Sie durch die Röntgenaufnahmen einen echten Mehrwert erhalten.

Comprehensive X-ray scanning report

All results are compiled in detail in the test report, including test parameters, system configurations, test matrix, images, videos, and measurements.

High precision to reshape the future of industrial X-ray imaging


Efficient and flexible workflow

Accelerate production rates while fortifying the end product’s quality and reliability

1. Meet & Discuss

Meet the customer to discuss the scanning objects and the region of interests, and agree on the XaaS solution.

2. Pack & Send

Customers pack the objects to scan and sent them to us. Logistics can either be arranged by customers or our shipping partners.

3. Config & X-ray Scan

Config the X-ray systems to fit the best outcomes, and conduct scannings based on the service agreements. Update the customers daily.

4. Pack & Return

Pack the objects safely and send them back to the customers. Customer can arrange collections or we send them back.

5. Report & Assess

Generate the test report according to DIN standard and work togehter with customers to assess the results and give advisory feedback.

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