We are happy to X-ray artefacts and paintings at a particularly low price, even for private individuals.

In the past, the managing director of Flow Capture Germany GmbH has designed X-ray machines for museums that are successfully in use today. As a result, there is a special connection to art.

You can also benefit from our detailed inspection protocol and expressive X-ray images, which will increase the value of your historical object. X-ray examination of paintings is a valuable way to discover hidden information and details that are not visible to the naked eye. Overpaintings, signatures and even previous work steps can be revealed by the X-rays.

Overpainting applied to paintings over time can alter or obscure the original artwork. The X-rays allow us to identify these overpaintings and expose the original representations underneath. This is especially valuable when examining historical paintings or restored works of art. Signatures and markings placed on the painting by the artist can also be made visible using X-ray technology. This provides art experts with important clues as to the origin and authenticity of the painting.

Lead white, a white pigment paint, was commonly used in paintings in the past. The X-rays make lead white clearly visible, which makes it possible to detect the use of this pigment in a painting. This is of particular interest for determining the age or distinguishing between originals and forgeries.

Our painting X-ray service gives you the opportunity to reach a deeper level of analysis and examination of your artworks. We support you in gaining valuable information about the history of their creation, the artist’s intention and the condition of the paintings.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our painting X-ray service and how we can help you research and preserve your artwork.

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