X-ray Video

X-ray vision and movement in X-ray video.

X-ray vision and motion detection
X-ray videos make it possible to visualize the dynamic movement of an object under X-rays. This is particularly useful for seeing switches or mechanical components in action and observing the behavior of materials under load.

Investigation of seals and behavior under pressure
X-ray videos can be used to observe seals under pressure and analyze their behavior. This is important in various industries to ensure that seals are working properly and that there are no leaks.

Live observation during stress tests
With X-ray video, you can use hydraulic presses or other stress testing equipment to analyze the behavior of a part or product in real-world conditions. Live observation enables an immediate assessment of possible defects or weak points.

Lower cost compared to CT scans
Compared to computed tomography (CT), X-ray videos are often more cost-effective. They still offer high image quality and improved detail and contrast performance, making it a cost-effective way for non-destructive testing.

Optical and precise 3D impression
X-ray videos provide a three-dimensional representation of the test specimen and thus enable a detailed analysis of internal structures and possible defects.

Easy presentation in conferences
The recorded X-ray videos can be shown in conferences and training sessions to share and discuss the results and findings with colleagues.

Below you will find some selected X-ray videos. We can record X-ray video at a frame rate of up to 191 FPS.

X-ray imaging (360-deg)

X-ray with 360° rotation for CT reconstruction and inspection of cavities and material quality

X-ray imaging (360-deg)

Your search for reliable and insightful X-ray solutions ends here. Our X-ray systems offer a range of special functions tailored to a wide range of X-ray applications.

Seeing beyond borders: Uncovering the invisible with our X-ray machines

X-ray video shows the changes in the internal contacts during switching

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